Further Changes

After months of waiting for some web hosting issues to be sorted over at Kevin’s Portal (which currently isn’t working), so that changes I have been working on could be uploaded, it is clear that the site needs to be moved – which should happen shortly (to the hosts I use for my other sites, which do do a great job – JustHost.com). So once again there needs to be some changes to the site. Frustrating really.

Update: Sermons

I have been able to make more updates to the website – right across the site in fact. There have been a number of changes to various pages, some of which may not even be very noticeable to visitors. Others are very noticeable, including updates to the sermons section of the site.

I am currently working my way through the sermons on John – the rest have been updated.

For more visit:

Site Update: Wider Church Pages – 17 August 2013

I have included a major update to the wider church pages, which so far only include the countries of Ecuador, India and Mongolia – however, this will allow me to press ahead with pages for other countries around the world as well, which is something I have wanted to do for a while.

The important part of this update has been to include a feed of categories for each country posted in my Random Thoughts blog, as this will provide a very easily accessed archive of posts concerning incidents of persecution in the country concerned, news reports, etc.

For an example of the improved country page, visit the one on India at:

Site Updates: 17 August 2013

Just a few more updates to the site – well more than a few really. The Wider Church section of the site has been updated and all of the sermons section of the site – with the exception of the sermons on John (these will be added soon).

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Site Updates: More

Just a further post advising of several more updates to the site. These pages include the following:

– Particular & Reformed Baptist Home Fellowship Network and the Tea Gardens page

– Confessional Standards Page, as well as the 1689 Confession of Faith, Savoy Appendix, NRBC Constitution and Spurgeon’s Catechism.

Site Update: The Book Room

After a lot of work I have the main page of ‘The Book Room’ up and functional at particularbaptist.com. It has taken me two years to get this back up (it used to be simply the library) at least. Not all of the links are working in the directories, but I wanted the links ready to go as the various pages came back online.

Visit the new look ‘The Book Room’ at:

I have also been working at the website’s main page and again not al of the links in the directories are working at this stage – but they will all start to come online again.

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