It Has Been So Long

It has been so long since I have been able to work on the site. I have had many plans and wanted to get started again so many times, but ill health has always stalked me and prevented me from doing so. Finally, I have been able to get back to work (and there is plenty to do). Hopefully, Lord willing, I will be able to get a lot done over the next little while. After so long it will take me a while just to get a feel for the work again. Still, I am very keen, indeed beyond keen, to get into the work.

Today, I have done a little tinkering with just a few places, which I won’t bother to link to who here – just simply isn’t a lot that has been done to warrant it. Very soon I hope that will change and that there will be substantial things to add to here. Having been so long, I really need to go over the entire site and there will be some substantial changes, including some removal of content I suspect.

The main place that I have been tinkering today is in the library section of the site and the Bibles page in particular.

So more to come in coming days.


Wider Church Updates

I have been working on the infrastructure of the ‘Wider Church’ part of the site, with the focus at this stage on Africa. Building the infrastructure for the Wider Church part of the site will take some time to complete, but I think the effort will be worth it and will provide the backbone for what I hope to achieve with it. I do believe this is a very important aspect of the site overall.

To visit the ‘Wider Church’ section of the site visit:

I have also been able to get a fair bit done over at ‘Kevin’s Portal’ also:

Some Improvements Here and There

I have been carrying out a few improvements across the site, with more content beginning to become available on the site. I know this is taking a long time and a lot of what was available before I moved hosting sites is still not available here. I’m hoping to accelerate this process to the best of my ability – however, personal circumstances have prevented this to this point and it has frustrated me admittedly.

In the last few days there have been some minor improvements to the Wider Church section, the library and a couple of other spots. Hopefully as these improvements continue the overall site will begin to become more useful more quickly also.

Update: Sermons

I have been able to make more updates to the website – right across the site in fact. There have been a number of changes to various pages, some of which may not even be very noticeable to visitors. Others are very noticeable, including updates to the sermons section of the site.

I am currently working my way through the sermons on John – the rest have been updated.

For more visit:

Main Page

Hi all – I must apologise for the lack of work on the site over the last few months. Good intentions do not always mean actual progress I’m afraid. I’ve been held up from work on the site for all manner of reasons, but hopefully I can now get back to some more much needed updates and work. It doesn’t take much for things to change on the web and I already need to change pages I updated earlier in the year. The Digg buttons are going to be removed as it has now been sold off and I can’t see it becoming anything much. Also Facebook has changed a few button things, so they need to be updated also.

I have spent quite a bit of time mucking about with the main page trying to get it to work how I want it to. Not sure I have suceeded, but hopefully it will be OK. It’s the best I can get it at the moment, but may try some more fiddling with it in days to come. If you were on the front page at all in the last couple of hours I apologise for the constant changes and confusion that seemed to be there – just couldn’t get it right lol.

There are some useful things to come I thing, with quite a few structural changes to the site also. Some things will go, being redundant and no longer relevant. Other things will be added and much more improved. Parts of the site offline for far too long will come back online sooner rather than later I hope.

They are the intentions and plans anyhow. Bit by bit it will happen.

Have a look at:

Latest Updates: Kevin’s Portal Updated

I have just updated what I call ‘Kevin’s Portal.’ It has taken me a while to get several updates to the portal online as I was unable to access the server – I now can obviously.

The latest update includes ‘Kwitter.’ Kwitter is an online daily newspaper of the links I post in Twitter and those of links posted by people I follow on Twitter. It needs to be remembered that I don’t necessarily agree with everyone I follow on Twitter and there are a number of reasons I follow some of these people. Depending on what gets ‘selected’ for this newspaper (it is virtually automatic at this stage) may also determine just who I follow on Twitter. I have no interest in following unwholesome rubbish for example.

This newspaper service is currently in ‘alpha,’ so it is fairly new. I do like the idea behind it though and I think it does have a lot of potential. The actual link to the paper itself (which updates daily) is at:

The Portal:

Latest Updates: Hugh Latimer Sermon Added

I have just added a sermon by Hugh Latimer at the following URL:

The above sermon belongs to a book on the Sermons of Hugh Latimer that can be found at:

Latest Updates: 23 October 2010

There have been a number of updates across the site/s of These include the following:

1. The home page has been updates at

2. Further content has been added to the Thomas Crosby book on Baptist history at

3. Further Bible Studies have been added to the Genesis and Revelation studies, and also to the 1689 London baptist Confession of Faith Studies at:

Latest Updates – 21 October 2010

Tonight I have been able to add a further 2 Bible Studies on the Book of Revelation, which can be accessed via the website at:

As can be seen on the page, these studies are now hosted at Scribd and can be downloaded via the website or at Scribd.

Latest Updates – 20 October 2010

Tonight I have been able to add some further updates to the Thomas Crosby book on the English Baptists. This includes adding a further 7 pages to the text now available online at:

I have also been able to add a further 2 Bible Studies on the Book of Genesis, which can be accessed via the website at:

As can be seen on the page, these studies are now hosted at Scribd and can be downloaded via the website or at Scribd.