Bible Studies

The updates to the site are continuing and now the Bible Studies section has been completed. Of course the Bible Studies themselves are hosted at Scribd, which provides a much easier way for me to update and add to them over time.

The sermons section has also been completed.

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Update: Sermons

I have been able to make more updates to the website – right across the site in fact. There have been a number of changes to various pages, some of which may not even be very noticeable to visitors. Others are very noticeable, including updates to the sermons section of the site.

I am currently working my way through the sermons on John – the rest have been updated.

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Site Updates: 17 August 2013

Just a few more updates to the site – well more than a few really. The Wider Church section of the site has been updated and all of the sermons section of the site – with the exception of the sermons on John (these will be added soon).

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Latest Updates: Hugh Latimer Sermon Added

I have just added a sermon by Hugh Latimer at the following URL:

The above sermon belongs to a book on the Sermons of Hugh Latimer that can be found at: