Updated: 31 May 2010

‘The particularbaptist.com Blog’ is the official Blog for all of the news from the particularbaptist.com website. As such, it will feature notifications of site updates, new content added (such as new sermons, Bible Studies, books, etc) and news from all of our associated sites.

Should you wish to be notified of updates to the site, it is recommended that you subscribe to the Blog feed or visit the Blog on a regular basis for site update information.

There is also a link to a page on this Blog which acts as the particularbaptist.com ‘guestbook’ and I invite visitors to the site to share their thoughts concerning the particularbaptist.com site there. The guestbook on this Blog is at:


Thanks for visiting the site and feel free to pop in again. I hope the site is becoming more and more useful to you.

Kevin for particularbaptist.com


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