The Chuch History Institute – Particular Baptist History

The Particular Baptist History page linked to on our home page is now up and running again. A couple of links on the page are not yet working, but hopefully before the end of the weekend they will be.

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Homepage Updated

I have done a little work on the homepage of the website and have everything as I would like it to be, including working like and share buttons for Facebook. There are a few links in the directory that still lead nowhere, but this will soon change.

I am planning a major website work project this weekend, which should see some big steps forward – hopefully the whole site will begin to function again.

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Site Update: School of Theology – 17 August 2013

The School of Theology is now fully functional – not that there is a lot of material currently available. The pages are again working though.

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Site Update: Wider Church Pages – 17 August 2013

I have included a major update to the wider church pages, which so far only include the countries of Ecuador, India and Mongolia – however, this will allow me to press ahead with pages for other countries around the world as well, which is something I have wanted to do for a while.

The important part of this update has been to include a feed of categories for each country posted in my Random Thoughts blog, as this will provide a very easily accessed archive of posts concerning incidents of persecution in the country concerned, news reports, etc.

For an example of the improved country page, visit the one on India at:

Site Updates: 17 August 2013

Just a few more updates to the site – well more than a few really. The Wider Church section of the site has been updated and all of the sermons section of the site – with the exception of the sermons on John (these will be added soon).

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Site Updates: More

Just a further post advising of several more updates to the site. These pages include the following:

- Particular & Reformed Baptist Home Fellowship Network and the Tea Gardens page

- Confessional Standards Page, as well as the 1689 Confession of Faith, Savoy Appendix, NRBC Constitution and Spurgeon’s Catechism.